Push for a treaty and why some don’t want recognition in the Constitution Read more

Palawa Kani – Mutton Birding

Please select from the audio below to listen waranta tapilti tayaritja-tu - we go to the islands mulaka yula!- hunting muttonbirds yula pinika wurangkili-ti - muttonbirds fly in the sky yula ringina-ti - mutton bird in the burrow. pliri ningina yula mapali - the boy got lots of muttonbirds. ningina kuwara off - get the feathers off luwana rukiri lurana paya- the girls cuts two legs. rukiri open yula - cut open the muttonbird. Read more

Press Release – International Report a ‘Timely Reminder’ To the Tasmanian Gov

Press Release: International Report a 'Timely Reminder' to the Tasmanian Government Read more

palawa kani – Fire & Strong Waters

putiya pumili patrula! -Don't make fire! patrula mapali pungkatina-ti -Many fires in the bush. patrula milangkani- The fire grows. putrula withikitha- The flames are high. nara tiyuratina. - It's windy. rralanalungata taypani - A storm is coming. kawinrika nawama? - Hear the thunder? nipakawa withikitha - The waves are high. layna rrala-warr! - Strong current!! Read more

takayna Victory – Four Wheel-Drive Tracks remain closed

takayna Victory! Four Wheel-Drive Tracks remain closed See: APPEAL DETAILS March 1st 2016. Federal Court decision prevents 4WD access to three tracks south of Sandy Cape, in the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area, and in the coastal strip declared as National Heritage, under the name 'Western Tasmania Aboriginal Cultural Landscape (WTACL). Full Judgement Here (Word doc in top left of webpage): Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Incorporated v Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (No 2) [2016] FCA 168 and Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) Summary: Protecting indigenous heritage ... Read more

Rally urges ‘respectful’ new date

Rally urges ‘respectful’ new date By ADAM LANGENBERG, Examiner Jan. 26, 2016, 11:18 p.m. HOBART’S Invasion Day rally continues to increase in attendance, according to its organisers. More than 300 people marched through central Hobart to Parliament lawns to call for the date of Australia Day to be changed. Tasmanian Aboriginal activist Michael Mansell said the rally was getting bigger every year. He said the only significance of January 26 was the arrival of white Australians, which meant Australia Day was a ‘‘race-based national day’’. ‘‘We ... Read more

Let’s change our national holiday

Let’s change our national holiday January 25, 2016 12:00am MICHAEL MANSELL Mercury IT is time to reflect on why January 26 is better as Australia Day than any of the other 364 days of the year. The only significance of January 26 is to mark the coming to Australia of the white race in 1788. That makes the celebration a race-based day. The British were armed to the teeth, and from the moment they stepped foot in Australia, the slaughter and dispossession of Aborigines began. It is one ... Read more

Why is such a divisive day celebrated?

‘Why is such a divisive day celebrated?’ January 26, 2016 11:56am PATRICK BILLINGS Mercury AS Australians celebrated nationhood, indigenous Tasmanians have spoken of the sadness the date bestows on their people. For many Aboriginals January 26 isn’t a date for rejoicing but one signifying “rape, murder and the taking of our children”. More than 300 people yesterday marched through Hobart in solidarity with the message that the date for Australia Day must change. On parliament’s lawns a series of Aboriginal activists implored Australians to tackle “the moral question” ... Read more


Please click here to view: Invasion Day_press release_2016 Read more

palawa kani Sentences – Invasion Day

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