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October Holiday Program in Launceston – takariliya (Family) riyawina (Fun)

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Important message from NSW Youth – Whatchya Gonno Do? – Immunisation music video, please watch!

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palawa kani nayri mina-tu (Our Language Matters) because…

palawa kani  nayri mina-tu  (Our Language Matters) was the 2017 NAIDOC theme. To celebrate this, Aborigines of all ages across the state wrote and recorded their own message about why our language matters and what it means to them. The messages are written either in palawa kani or a mix of palawa kani and English depending on the writer’s level of language use. These messages were written across rri (hand) stencils and displayed in Hobart at piyura kitina (Risdon Cove) and the Aboriginal Children’s ... Read more

123 Magic – Parenting Workshops in Launceston, Tuesday 22nd, 29th August and 5th September from 10.30am to 12.30pm

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palawa kani NAIDOC Week Activities 2017 Our Language Matters

NAIDOC Week 2017 Our Language Matters As part of NAIDOC week, families and programs took part in a variety of activities celebrating the theme Our Language Matters. Here are videos and photos of some of the celebrations: Scarlett Spotswood & Stella Hall giving Welcome to Country, Launceston Mall, NAIDOC 2017. kanaplila-ripana (Youth Dance), perform nawama papiti (thunder & lightning) and warruwa (evil spirit) dances for NAIDOC Week, Launceston Mall, 2017. pakana kitina (little Tassie Blackfellas) group singing in palawa kani, Launceston TAC, NAIDOC 2017. Cooper Marshall, giving ... Read more

Aboriginal Children’s Centre Newsletter June-July 2017

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luwutina Day (Aboriginal Children’s Day) Saturday 5th August 2017

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Aboriginal Children’s Centre Newsletter May – June 2017

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palawa kani Meme Challenge

Mother language Meme Competition #palawakani Aboriginal youth created their own memes in palawa kani.  In celebration of UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day 2017 on February 21. Mother Language Day was founded to promote and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity around the world, with a special emphasis on indigenous, minority, heritage, and endangered languages. The Challenge: Join the movement and participate by creating an original meme in your mother language, add a hashtag, and share with others around the world.   Read more

ABC News: Tasmanian kids star in language episode of Little J and Big Cuz Read more
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