Invasion Day Rally

26 January – Invasion Day Don’t celebrate – Change the Date 11:45am Sunday 26 January 2014 Parliament Lawns – Hobart Australia is the only nation in the world that marks the day of invasion as a national day of celebration. Many Australians recognise that 26 January is not an appropriate date for celebrations and support the call for a new date which is respectful of Aboriginal people’s culture and heritage. A rally and commemoration will be held to honour the lives and land that were stolen during ... Read more

40th Anniversary

Tuesday 10th December 2013 Risdon Cove 11 - 12.30 Official Presentation in the Pyramids milaythina - Song for Community and Country Elders Presentation Emily Burgess Story – the first office State Secretary Speech Photo Slide Show – Thank you to those whose shoulders we stand upon CEO Speech ‘Tasmanian Aborigine’ - poetry reading Presentations from the Regions T-Shirt and Memorabilia Display with games and prizes: Wear your Aboriginal t-shirts and hats. Displays of cultural materials and photos 12.30 - 1pm Cultural Lunch Open Community Festival Celebration all around Risdon Cove Cook your ... Read more
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