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Here;s Tina Goodwin, TAC tobacco worker, on stage at the Oceania Tobacco Control Conference with Hone Harawura. Tina announced Hone as the winner of the Tariana Turia award which recognises significant contributions to Indigenous tobacco control. Hone has worked as a community activist and parliamentarian on many issues of importance to Maori. He wants to see tobacco companies sued for all of the death and destruction they cause to Maori, Aboriginal and other Indigenous communities. Hone's words: "Those bastards (Big Tobacco) are ... Read more

Tasmanian Aborigines want the takayna/Tarkine back Read more

rrala milaythina-ti project – takayna trip 27th-30th November 2017

Takayna Trip Flyer Read more

Naming the Ice Breaker, nuyina   Read more

palawa kani place names on the way to Kings Run Handover

  palawa kani  place names on the way to Kings Run Handover 2017 pataway (pah tah why) Burnie, city at Blackman Point   pinmatik/Rocky Cape (peen mah teek)     munatrik (mu nah treek) Stanley; The Nut (Circular Head) titima/Trefoil Island (tee tee mah)   pilri (peel ree) Cape Grim pilitika (pee lee tee kah) Robbins Island luwuka (lu wu kah) 'Suicide Bay' ranamitim (rah nah mee teem) The Doughboys taypalaka/Green Point (tie pah lah kah) nungu/West Point (nu ngu) muntarikawtim (mun tah ree cow teem) Bluff Hill Point namuruwatim (nah mu ru wah teem) small river before Arthur River maytim (my teem) Arthur River laraturunawn/Sundown Point (lah rah tu ru nown) muntrikawripa (mun tree cow ree pah) Sandy Cape takayna/The Tarkine (tah kye nah)   Read more

kani wingani (talking about feelings)

Read more

palawa kani names the new Icebreaker – nuyina: Southern Lights Read more

Mammogram Parties, Thursday 12 October 2017

lunarala2017 Read more

Diabetes Prevention and Managment Program – Cooking Group

cooking group flyer Oct 2017 Read more

Mini Field of Woman 12th October, 2017 at piyura kitina (Risdon Cove)

Mini Field of women will take place at Piyura kitina Read more
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