waranta tangara takariliya Mumirimina, lungkana Risdon Cove-ta, 3rd May 1804

3rd May 1804 waranta tangara takariliya Mumirimina, lungkana Risdon Cove-ta We mourn our Mumirimina families, murdered at Risdon Cove on 3rd May 1804 On this day in 1804, raytji lungkana waypa, luna + luwutina  Mumirimina. nara mulaka  tara paywuta paywuta.  Mumirimina-mapali krakapaka  parana-nara-mapali; krakapaka kuntana-ta nara mitungkuna.   waranta  takara milaythina nara  takara.  takila-mana-mapali wingani payintrika waranta tangara pakana mana-mapali  krakapaka.   waranta tunapri nara-mapali manta manta. On this day in 1804, white soldiers murdered men, women and children of the Mumirimina people. They were hunting ... Read more

Community Screening of animated TV series Little J and Big Cuz – TAC Launceston Wednesday, 17th May at 3.00pm

palawa kani Launch Invitation Read more

• “Well beaten tracks: the antiquity of Aboriginal land use in eastern Tasmania’’ – Presentation of Australian Research Council (ARC) Funded Project by Richard Cosgrove, Jillian Garvey and John Webb. a presentation of these research topics on the 25th of May at the piyura kitina – (Risdon Cove) Back pyramid from 11.00 am – 12.30 pm.

Final Project Presentations Read more

tipara waranta kani nina-mapali-tu?

tipara  waranta  kani  nina-mapali-tu? What can we tell you? Accommodating the Australian Curriculum Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait  Islander Languages with palawa kani Language Adapted from a presentation by palawa kani Program to Modern Language Teachers Association of Tasmania (MLTAT) State Conference, Burnie, August 2016. Powerpoint Presentation HERE Read more

Fremantle Changed the Date earlier this year Read more

Aboriginal Support for Council to move forward and Change the Date Read more

All City Councils should discuss Change the Date says Mayor Read more

Relics Act Passes First Step Read more

Aboriginal Relics Act debate begins Read more

palawa kani names for two waterfalls

palawa kani names for two waterfalls Two waterfalls in Tasmania which don’t have official names can be given palawa kani names. One is on the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Hobart. turikina    truwala said as (tu ree kee nah)    (tru wah lah). which means:   Mountain     Waterfall (literally –  ‘waterfall mountain’ as the palawa kani word order is the reverse of English).           press play to hear pronunciation:     The second is in Punchbowl Reserve, Launceston. luyni mungalina said as (loy nee ) (mu ngah lee nah). which means:   Raining Rock [Waterfall] because the falls only ... Read more
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