Takayna tracks referred for Federal Assessment

takayna tracks referred for Federal Assessment Hodgman Government continues their relentless push to let 4WDs in to destroy heritage. This is following our court case that was successful, but was muddied by response to the government's appeal   So now the state government have to prove that their planned mitigation works does not impact on the national heritage values of the Western Tasmania Aboriginal Cultural Landscape. Two week period for submissions It is now open for public consultation for two weeks on the federal Environment Department’s website. Media:   Read more

Family tree

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milangkani kipli – Growing Food – March-May 2017

What's Growing Mar-May 2017 Read more

palawa kani names for two waterfalls

palawa kani names for two waterfalls Two waterfalls in Tasmania which don’t have official names can be given palawa kani names. One is on the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Hobart. turikina    truwala said as (tu ree kee nah)    (tru wah lah). which means:   Mountain     Waterfall (literally –  ‘waterfall mountain’ as the palawa kani word order is the reverse of English).           press play to hear pronunciation:     The second is in Punchbowl Reserve, Launceston. luyni mungalina said as (loy nee ) (mu ngah lee nah). which means:   Raining Rock [Waterfall] because the falls only ... Read more

waranta tangara takariliya ngini, krakapaka pilri-ta (more details).

 waranta tangara takariliya ngini, krakapaka pilri-ta. We mourn our ancestral dead, murdered at Cape Grim on this day, 10 February 1828. From the earliest years of the invasion and settlement of north western Tasmania, dreadful atrocities were committed against Aboriginal people. These led to the massacre at Cape Grim on 10 February 1828. 6 Aboriginal women recounted some of these brutalities to George Augustus Robinson when he visited the camp they lived in with sealers on the NW coast directly opposite Robbins Island: “The ... Read more

yula (Muttonbird) Monitoring Dec 2016

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Meetings begin on Aboriginal constitutional recognition with the first of 12 Indigenous-led meetings kicking off in Tasmania

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-09/aboriginal-constitutional-recognition-consultation-meetings/8108164 Read more

A workshop that has been running for five years in Tasmania, teaching the Aboriginal art of ‘stringing’ marina shell necklaces, is culminating in a national exhibition

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-08/ancient-art-of-tasmanian-shell-necklaces-revived/8101580 Read more

kanaplila (dance) Workshop with Craig Everett

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Island Music 2013

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