Australian hypocrisy shown on Jewish holy day and invasion day

Michael Mansell says the way that Australia’s politicians and media responded differently to
Jewish and Aboriginal sensitivities was hypocritical.

Mr Mansell said, “Just a few days after Australia celebrated the white invasion of Aboriginal
lands, an event seen as rubbing salt into raw wounds, both media and politicians were
clambering to hose down any offence to Jews for the federal election being called on the
holy Jewish Day.

This shows a double standard. The coverage given to the Jewish response to a political event
on their holy day was far greater than coverage for Aboriginal anger over celebrations
marking the coming of the white people.

Yet in the case of the Jewish holy day the date for the election was unintended as a slur to
Jews whereas January 26th is celebrated regardless of its effect on Aboriginal feelings.

Further, the Commonwealth provides $3.3 m for celebrations of invasion day but does not
promote insensitivity to the Jewish holy day.

All this shows that ill treatment of Aboriginal people and indifference to the effects of
events on Aborigines is ingrained in the national character. On the other hand Australia,
especially through its media and political institutions, show far more sensitivity to similar
effects of white behaviour on others.”

Michael Mansell
Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
1 February 2013

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