Connected Beginnings Jobs, Feb 23

Applications are now open for Children’s Health Promotion Workers and a Child Health Nurse, or a Registered Nurse with a passion for working with children in Pataway/Burnie and Kanamaluka/George Town – Northern Suburbs Launceston.

We are seeking an Aboriginal Children’s Health Promotion Worker & Child Health Nurse, or Registered Nurse to work within our Connected Beginnings Program in pataway/Burnie and Kanamaluka/George Town-Northern Suburbs Launceston.

The position will work within a collective impact framework to improve the health and educational outcomes for Aboriginal children 0-5 years.

You will work as part of a team in the Connected Beginnings health and education programs to build solid foundations for children to have the best start when commencing early learning.

You will be passionate changemaker who will be part of systems, and service changes that support improved outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families.

To succeed in the role, you will be able to exercise initiative and work independently, with the ability to deliver projects to a high standard.

Please get in touch with Raylene Foster, on 6234 0700 for more information about the positions.

The TAC Application Form and relevant position descriptions can be downloaded via the links below.

Applications close on Monday, 6 March 2023 and can be emailed to