The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre is calling on all supporters to help us to stop the Government making it easier to destroy Aboriginal Heritage and Culture.
We are calling on the Government to recognise and respect that:

Our past, our culture and our heritage forms part of our present life as Aboriginal people.
Aboriginal culture and heritage should enjoy the same equal protection as European heritage.
We are calling on the Government to truly give Aboriginal people a voice in caring for our own heritage and continuing our culture.
The Labor Government with the support of the “Minister for Aboriginal Affairs”, Cassy O’Connor and the rest of the Greens Party, except for Kim Booth, voted to pass the heritage Bill through the lower house of Parliament. Now we need to rely on the Legislative Council doing the right thing and voting down this Bill which is as harmful to our heritage as the Relics Act 1975.

HOW TO HELP: We would sincerely appreciate community members and supporters writing letters, Face Book, email, twitter and visiting local politicians with our concerns.
Here are somepoliticians to lobby in the Legislative Council:

Rosemary Armitage–; ph 6336 2200
Ivan Dean –; ph 6336 2774
Tony Mulder – – 6212 2334
Kerry Finch – – 6336 2201
Ruth Forrest – – 6443 8600
Mike Gaffney – – 6421 7697
Vanessa Goodwin – – 6233 2296
Paul Harriss – – 6264 8485
Adriana Taylor – – 6233 5190
Rob Valentine – – 62122344

PLUS Ring the ABC Radio talkback calling for Equality for Our Heritage
TALKBACK – 1300 222 936 or Write letter to local paper.
Points of issue:

• The Government is out of step with the wider community who sees the value of our unique Tasmanian Aboriginal Heritage and Culture.
• The Bill is messy and is open to future challenge by all stakeholders.
• Access to our own intellectual and spiritual property rights is in doubt.
• Our Community has genuinely tried to give clear guidance to the Government yet we have been ignored.

Aboriginal culture and heritage should enjoy the same equal protection as European / Colonial heritage. Unlike Colonial heritage, Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage can only be found in Tasmania. It cannot be found anywhere else in the world and should be respected for the value for the contribution it brings to this State. We are simply calling for basic equality and Respect.
This bill does not recognise our connection and ownership of our own culture and heritage. Unlike Colonial/European heritage which is owned by individual families, this bill is trying to take away our ownership of Aboriginal family’s heritage and cultural rights.

Parents, grandparents and so many more in an ancient line of ancestors, have taught us that our past, our culture and our heritage forms part of our present life as Aboriginal people. It is not only our birth right but also our birth responsibility to care and protect our Aboriginal cultural knowledge and heritage. This proposed bill not only jeopardises our cultural responsibility but also has the potential for Aboriginal people to be charged for participating in cultural practices and holding family knowledge.

The Aboriginal Heritage Protection Bill will be debated in the Legislative Council on a day yet to be determined. Keep in touch to find out when.
Please support us by:

Writing to the newspaper editors
Ringing local talkback radios
Face Book, email and write letters to Mebers

We sincerely appreciate your support

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