palawa kani Information and Entertainment December 2020

palawa kani Information and Entertainment, December 2020:

palawa kani means ‘Tasmanian Aborigines speak’; it is the only Aboriginal language in lutruwita (Tasmania) today.

Background to the Aboriginal languages of Tasmania and the development of palawa kani –

palawa kani names of places

Learn the original names for over 180 places in lutruwita (Tasmania)

14 Aboriginal + Dual place names gazetted in the Tasmanian Government’s naming system –

Background to palawa kani place names –

Nine original place names at pilri (Cape Grim), location of the notorious 1828 massacre –


Seth Gardner (age 10) gives the speech in palawa kani at Invasion Day Rally, Hobart, 26 January 2017 –

Opening speech at MONA FOMA Festival, Launceston, January 2020 –

Panama music festival 2020, Golconda North, Welcome to country –

palawa kani nipaluna (Hobart) Language Day 2019 –

Schools Strike For Climate Change, beginning speech, Sep 2020 –


Award winning NITV cartoon Little J and Big Cuz, palawa kani episode wurakara (Hopalong) –

Little J and Big Cuz, palawa kani episode 2. muta prungi (Pilot Bird) –  

Tasmanian Times, episode 2. muta prungi (Pilot Bird) – Little J and Big Cuz Return in Palawa Kani – Tasmanian Times

A funny clip about ‘warr!’- a palawa kani word with no English translation, on Disney Channel’s Spread the Word – (Search keyword: warr!)

Sing rana-mana (My Body) with the pakana kitina (Little Tassie Blackfellas) After Schools Group –!/competition/2277558/indigenours-language-song-competition/2360584

Hear liyini milaythina rrala (Singing Country Strong) –

Learn 50 palawa kani words on University of Melbourne’s 50 Words online interactive map –

Learn palawa kani words for family, mum and play  – (Search keyword: little yarns palawa kani)

News and weather

Interview with one of First Languages Australia’s Young Champions, 14 year old Skye Cox of Launceston –

The story behind the name luyni mungalina (Raining Rock Waterfall at Punchbowl Reserve, Launceston) from 2 eleven year old youth and their Youth/Language worker, July 2019 –

2018 Tasmanian election campaign advertisement spoken entirely in palawa kani –

11 year old Kobe on ABC News, speaking about palawa kani, the language of his people –

nuyina, the Australian Antarctic Division’s new Ice Breaker, is almost built, see video of the ship’s construction in Romania – Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre – Naming the Ice Breaker, nuyina (

Naming Maritime College AUV, nupiri muka ‘Eye of the Sea’ –

Virgin plane tinamirakuna, named after the Macquarie River, 2019 –

ABC Weather for nipaluna (Hobart) spoken daily in palawa kani for Naidoc week, July 2019 –

palawa kani Posters

Made by pakana-ripana Youth group –

Extreme weather Poster –

narakupa yula (Caring for muttonbirds) palawa kani Poster, March 2020 –

mina munathiya (I am sick) palawa kani Poster –

For educators

How to address the Australian Curriculum Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages
– LR requirements without learning and /or using Aboriginal language? The presentation tipara waranta kani ninamapali-tu? What Can We Tell You? outlines a number of ways to do that.

Policy and Protocol for use of palawa kani Aboriginal language –

Policy-and-Protocol-for-Use-of-palawa-kani-Aboriginal-Language-2019.pdf (

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