rrala milaythina-ti / Strong in Country Project



(Strong In Country) Project


The rrala milaythina-ti project aims to provide Aboriginal community members with opportunities to access milaythina (country).

The project will help Aboriginal community members to build strong connections to Aboriginal cultural heritage, language and Aboriginal land.

rrala milaythina –ti is a Participation Action Research project (PAR) where we aim to show that Aboriginal peoples well-being, increases through contact with country.

Over the 12 months till June 2018, the project will run a minimum of 10 camps across the state and various day trips.

The facilitators for the project are

  • Lynne Spotswood – North and
  • Sharnie Everett – South

We aim to get as much feed-back from community members regarding where they would like the camps to be held and when.  We will be getting out and talking to community members, attending branch meetings.


Make Trip Suggestions on our trip map.

To add to this process we have created an interactive map for community members to access and make camp/trip suggestions:    

(Click on image to launch):

We also aim to assist community members with other aspects for the camps such as transport, food and where needed camp equipment.

This is a great opportunity for Aboriginal community to join together on milaythina, share cultural knowledge, language and experiences.



If you would like to talk more about the project contact one of the project facilitators at the TAC:

Sharnie.E@tacinc.com.au     Hobart – 6234 0700

Lynne.S@tacinc.com.au    Launceston – 6332 3800

Or follow us on Facebook:

Louisa Bay, South West lutruwita


This program is supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program