Tuesday 10th December 2013
Risdon Cove

11 – 12.30 Official Presentation in the Pyramids

milaythina – Song for Community and Country
Elders Presentation
Emily Burgess Story – the first office
State Secretary Speech
Photo Slide Show – Thank you to those whose shoulders we stand upon
CEO Speech
‘Tasmanian Aborigine’ – poetry reading
Presentations from the Regions
T-Shirt and Memorabilia Display with games and prizes: Wear your Aboriginal t-shirts and hats.
Displays of cultural materials and photos

12.30 – 1pm Cultural Lunch

Open Community Festival Celebration all around Risdon Cove

Cook your own Jonny Cake
Cultural Walks
Dance Performances
Music and Poems
Kelp Baskets Making
Hut making
Ochre painting
Children Activities & Sports
Tell your story interviews
Learn or practise palawa kani

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