Aboriginal Health Service Advice

Important advice from the Aboriginal Health Service

From 14 October 2022, public health recommends that people with respiratory symptoms stay home and take the necessary steps to protect others from COVID-19. This advice has removed the mandated requirement to isolate.

In line with Public Health Advice, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Health Service asks all people who have contact with the service to respect the health of our vulnerable community members by NOT visiting the health services facility for at least seven days (even for the purposes of work) after a diagnosis of COVID-19, except for medical attention with prior arrangement with the health service. The health service continues to prioritise the safety of clients and staff.

  • We continue to reduce transmission risks by using physical distancing, personal protective equipment, ventilation, hand hygiene, and other measures.
  • We have plans and procedures for patients at risk of severe illness to ensure rapid access to testing and anti-viral treatments. and other measures.
  • Masks remain mandatory for visiting the clinics.
  • We encourage all eligible patients to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and make sure booster doses are up to date.
  • We encourage staff and patients to follow established hygienic behaviours and be aware of the current COVID-19 risk.
  • We will continue to screen patients, staff, and visitors for respiratory symptoms.