About palawa kani, Tasmanian Aboriginal language

Official Aboriginal and Dual Names of places

Aboriginal and Dual Names of places in lutruwita (Tasmania) There are 14 official Aboriginal or dual names in lutruwita (Tasmania).  These names are in palawa kani, the revived language of Tasmanian Aborigines. 13 of these names were assigned under the Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy, which was adopted by the State government  in 2012 after many years of lobbying by Aborigines. The names were proposed in separate submissions, with each list reviewed and put out for public comment by the Nomenclature Board (now renamed Placenames Tasmania). ... Read more

Read about what Aborigines expect from the Tasmanian Government to bring about prompt and uncomplicated reassignment of Aboriginal names.

TAC Submission on Tasmanian Place Names Act Issues Paper 11 January 2016 PDF Version: Submission on Place Names Act Issues Paper The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc. (TAC) is a non-profit community based organisation established in 1973 providing legal, health, educational, cultural and welfare services to Aborigines throughout Tasmania. The organisation is committed to developing the social, political, economic and cultural independence of all Aborigines. Reclamation and protection of Aboriginal land, heritage and culture is one of the most significant of the Centre’s functions.  ... Read more

Tasmanian Aboriginal place names

Tasmanian Aboriginal place names There are no living speakers of the original Tasmanian languages. Spoken records of the original sounds are limited to a few sounds that can only just be heard when Fanny Cochrane Smith spoke on the wax records of her songs in 1899. So to attempt to recover the original sounds and meanings, we have to start from written records made by early Europeans of the sounds they heard, and the meanings they thought they understood when they heard ... Read more

Digitising palawa kani and apps

Digitising palawa kani and apps   Existing palawa kani materials have been entered into a database along with each word’s history and background, audio of its sound, images, display charts, any teaching exercises, and any videos. This will continue to grow as new words are revived and resources are produced. This database is installed on computers located in the Aboriginal Children’s Centre and community areas of each of the three regional TAC offices, so community and staff can access, browse, print and download ... Read more

palawa kani sentences – I am sick

  Hear audio recording below. mina munathiya - I am sick. mina takwatja - I have a runny nose. mina lati mapali  - I'm coughing lots. prupari rri-nanya mukwi-ta  - Put your hand on your mouth. mina kukantara - I am tired. rana-mana miriti - My body hurts. tiyakuni - It's hard to breathe. mina luwara & ranana - I am hot and cold. paytamiriti payintrika - Bad headache. mina putiya makara lunalari - I can't stop sneezing. mina wingani tanitay - I feel dizzy. mina wingani like tiya - I feel like ... Read more

Aboriginal Community Names

Aboriginal Community Placenames. These place-names have been decided by community AGMs. (Press images to hear pronunciations)     Read more

piyura kitina (Risdon Cove)

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palawa kani posters

palawa kani posters (click on images to hear pronunciations)   Read more

Palawa Kani – Mutton Birding

Please select from the audio below to listen waranta tapilti tayaritja-tu - we go to the islands mulaka yula!- hunting muttonbirds yula pinika wurangkili-ti - muttonbirds fly in the sky yula ringina-ti - mutton bird in the burrow. pliri ningina yula mapali - the boy got lots of muttonbirds. ningina kuwara off - get the feathers off luwana rukiri lurana paya- the girls cuts two legs. rukiri open yula - cut open the muttonbird. Read more

palawa kani – Fire & Strong Waters

putiya pumili patrula! -Don't make fire! patrula mapali pungkatina-ti -Many fires in the bush. patrula milangkani- The fire grows. putrula withikitha- The flames are high. nara tiyuratina. - It's windy. rralanalungata taypani - A storm is coming. kawinrika nawama? - Hear the thunder? nipakawa withikitha - The waves are high. layna rrala-warr! - Strong current!! Read more
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