milaythina nayri, January 2024

milaythina nayri, January 2024 Milaythina Nayri / Healthy CountryThis newsletter highlights the efforts and some of the achievements of our Pakana Rangers, who are restoring the health of Country. In this issue: Land Management Yula Monitoring Tayaritja Milaythina Muka IPA Download and read the newsletter. Land Management Update January 2024 Download Read more


Our oceans to the north, east and south of Lutruwita are already at above average water temperatures and are in a global warming hotspot. ​ The marine heatwave forecast is severe and expected to persist throughout spring and summer. ​Check out the video below to see what the TAC is doing to tackle this issue and for some tips on how you can help. Read more

Milaythina Nayri, Dec 22

Milaythina Nayri / Healthy Country news, December 2022 This newsletter highlights the efforts and achievements of our pakana rangers, who are working to restore the health of Country across Lutruwita. Milaythina Nayri Newsletter, December 2022 (PDF) Pakana rangers and community members carrying out a cultural burn on Big Dog Island Read more

makara patapa / quit smoking

makara patapa / Quit Smoking There are many reasons that people want to quit smoking. They could be for their health, for their family, or to improve their lifestyle and finances. Nunami Sculthorpe-Green has been travelling across Lutruwita to listen to and share the stories of people in our community who have or are in the process of quitting smoking. She heard some fantastic success quit stories and learned why people quit, how they did it, and what help they could access to ... Read more

pulingina to lutruwita (Tasmania) Place Names Map

pulingina to lutruwita (Tasmania) Place Names Map Click here to open the map. The map can be used on computer, phones or tablet. To mark 2019 International Year of Indigenous languages, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre is excited to present this interactive map of the Aboriginal names of over 180 places in lutruwita. The names are shown in palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines. Scroll over each name to hear it said, and open to learn some history of each name. Only a handful of places ... Read more

Land Management Update – October 2021

Land Management Update - October 2021 Read more

TAC Annual Report 2020-21

Download the 2020-21 TAC Annual Report Read more

TAC Annual Report 2019-20

Download the 2019-20 TAC Annual Report Read more

Land Management Update – March 2021

Land Management Update - March 2021 Read more

palawa kani Information and Entertainment

Sunset on lungtalanana We have many examples of palawa kani in use, including news, presentations, videos and posters. Click on the link below to for a list of resources and links. palawa kani Information and EntertainmentDownload Read more
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