Press Release – Forced into Battle – Call to Kill the Bill

State Secretary of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Ms Ruth Langford, said today, “It is with a heavy heart that the Aboriginal Community of Tasmania awake this morning. Last night the Green/Labour Government chose to introduce a bill that will further remove the Community from our cultural birth responsibility and rights to care for and protect our own Heritage and Culture”. Ms Langford said, “What was particularly hurtful was the way the Government chose to introduce the bill that has dishonoured our people ... Read more

Equal Value and Respect for Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural protection.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre is calling on all supporters to help us to stop the Government making it easier to destroy Aboriginal Heritage and Culture. We are calling on the Government to recognise and respect that: Our past, our culture and our heritage forms part of our present life as Aboriginal people. Aboriginal culture and heritage should enjoy the same equal protection as European heritage. We are calling on the Government to truly give Aboriginal people a voice in caring for our own heritage ... Read more

Aboriginal Heritage Protection Bill – Why It Should Be Defeated Immediately

The Aboriginal community has urged the government since 2011 to make small, easy but crucial amendments to the Aboriginal Relics Act 1975 which would remove the most racist and outdated aspects of the Act. This would then allow time for new legislation acceptable to the Aboriginal community to be developed. Those amendments were: • Remove the cut off date of 1876 from the definition of ‘Aboriginal relic’; • Establish an Aboriginal body representative of the Aboriginal community to replace the Advisory Committee referred to in ... Read more
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