milaythina nayri, January 2024

milaythina nayri, January 2024 Milaythina Nayri / Healthy CountryThis newsletter highlights the efforts and some of the achievements of our Pakana Rangers, who are restoring the health of Country. In this issue: Land Management Yula Monitoring Tayaritja Milaythina Muka IPA Download and read the newsletter. Land Management Update January 2024 Download Read more

Invasion Day 2024

Join us for our Invasion Day marches and rallies across Lutruwita in 2024 and support the campaign to Change the Date! Nipaluna / Hobart Street March11:15 am - Depart TAC (198 Elizabeth Street)Rally12:00 pm - at Parliament Lawns Limilinaturi / Devonport Street March11:30 am - Depart Tulaminikali Health Service (106 Best Street)Rally12:00 pm - in Market Square (behind Paranaple Centre) Read more

Putalina 2024

Join us for our annual event at Putalina (Oyster Cove) in 2024! With an amazing lineup of music, entertainment, and activities for all! Please contact your local Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre on 1800 132 260 for more information! Read more

Ten Years for the Centre

A poem by Jim puralia meenamatta Everett to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in 1983. "Ten years for the Centre" by Jimmy Everett The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre nineteen eighty-three, Started off ten years ago in the struggle to get us free. So let us remember the old hands who got it on the road, To continue the fight for Land Rights and back rents that are owed. And look at all the changes that we never thought ... Read more

Public holiday information

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre has offered staff to swap tomorrow's public holiday for another day. Therefore, some services will remain open. Information will be updated on this website and shared on social media channels. NORTHWEST Pataway/Burnie – The doctors' clinic is open until 1 pm, other programs will be closed Tulaminakali Health Service and office – closed Connected Beginnings - closed NORTH TAC Launceston reception – open all day, however no doctors available SOUTH Aboriginal Health Service – open all day TAC reception – open ... Read more

NAIDOC Awards 2022

A strong pakana woman who has deep commitment to family, culture, and country, was announced Aborigine of the Year for NAIDOC 2022. Announced at the flag-raising events across lutruwita, Sinsa Mansell was recognised as a leading aspiration for all members of her community. With a long record of cultural arts development and achievement, nationally and internationally, she is a great role model and mentor to young people, community, culture, and heritage. Her deeply emotive performances celebrate the community’s history and stories, specifically ... Read more

palawa kani News and Media

palawa kani MEDIA + NEWSDownload palawa kani News and Media Read more

palawa kani welcome to country at A Festival Called Panama, Golconda, March 2020

See our welcome to country spoken in palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines at A Festival Called Panama, in Golconda northern Tasmania, March 2020   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g8Flu_XW6E A Festival Called Panama is an annual three-night festival at Golconda, North East Tasmania. With both local and international performers. Daisy Allan was thrilled to speak palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines to welcome the crowd of over 2000 people, before Aboriginal dancers performed their welcome dance to the people who cheered loudly. Read more

Invasion Day rally

Read more

Listen to Little Yarns in palawa kani on ABC Podcasts

Little Yarns; ABC listen Podcasts let's listen to Tessa Atto teach the word family in palawa kani https://www.abc.net.au/kidslisten/little-yarns/family-in-palawa-kani/11320856 Little Yarns; ABC listen Podcasts let's listen to Tessa Atto teach the word mum in palawa kani https://www.abc.net.au/kidslisten/little-yarns/mum-in-palawa-kani/11173990 Little Yarns; ABC listen Podcasts let's listen to Tessa Atto teach the word play in palawa kani https://www.abc.net.au/kidslisten/little-yarns/play-in-palawa-kani/11423044   Read more
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