Job skills workshop

What work skills do you need?

Aboriginal Community Workshop

We’re holding an Aboriginal community workshop to discuss what an employment skills program could look like and we need your help.

  • Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 March 2023
  • Orford (Transport, meals and accommodation included)

Call or email Nipaluna reception for more information and to register:

What is an employment skills program?

There is a program called the Indigenous Skills and Employment Program, which assists Aboriginal people into real jobs and careers.

This service is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and older, who want a job, or a better job. It’s open to all people, regardless of their employment status or if they are on benefits or not.

Organisations selected to operate this service are required to design activities with community members. The service should complement current services, and not duplicate them.

What will the service do?

The service will assist Aboriginal people to:

  • become ready for work
  • find, get and keep a job
  • access services so they get a fair go in getting a job
  • help with job-hunting
  • work with employers to create job opportunities
  • help make workplaces culturally safe by working with employers, government, and unions.

How would it work in Lutruwita?

We are proposing to establish a statewide service based in Pataway, Launceston and Hobart.

We are running community consultation to decide things like:

  • how the service will be overseen by the Community
  • developing annual priorities
  • how the service will be monitored and evaluated
  • how the service will report back to the community
  • what services will be offered

It is proposed to offer a shop-front Open Access Service to Aboriginal people seeking work.

An Open Access Service is like it sounds.  You can come in and get what you need to ‘get’ and ‘keep’ a job.  It is about doing what you, the job seeker needs not doing what you are being told to do.

Currently Employment Service providers do not offer a formal open access approach – so this is a complimentary service.  Some Open Access services might include:

  • Career guidance – to get a decent job
  • Assisting to gain access to courses and services that will lead to employment
  • Sorting our barriers to employment – the things stopping you getting and keeping a job
  • Support for job hunting –practical assistance – copying, calls, PC access
  • Support to keep you going – it is hard work getting a job

This Open Access Service would focus on job seekers who need pre-employment development and training in ‘finding’, ‘getting’ and ‘keeping’ a job.  This is a holistic and wrap around approach.

As well as preparing the job seeker for work the service could also offer a Job-Hunting Service