Aboriginal Lands Theft

The Tasmanian Government is proposing changes to the Aboriginal Lands Act 1995.

Some of the proposals will drastically change the way land is managed, who and how we elect the council members for the Aboriginal Lands Council Tasmania, and how land is returned.

Aboriginal land management

The Government wants any lands handed back to us to go to organisations away from Aboriginal control.

Our land managers are experienced and have the deep knowledge and expertise to care for our country and its resources.

All Aboriginal people can access Aboriginal land. This will change if it is given to organisations run by white people. Most of these organisations are run by identity seekers who are not Aboriginal.

Elections for ALCT

The Government wants white people to take over the Land Council.

They want to allow white people to be included on the roll without an objection process.  

This means that anyone who claims to be Aboriginal can be included on the roll without question. 

The current process gives Aboriginal people the opportunity to challenge white people applying to get on the roll. Anyone challenged must prove their eligibility through an Aboriginal Panel appointed by the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner. 

If anyone applies for anything else, such as employment benefits or getting a driver’s licence, they must prove who they are. This process should not be any different.  

People who are not Aboriginal should not be able to make decisions on the management of Aboriginal Land. 

A photo of Land managers cultural burning on lungatalanana
Land managers’ cultural burning on lungatalanana