Aboriginal Heritage Protection

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Larapuna/Eddystone Point

Aboriginal heritage connects us to country, culture and our ancestors.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975 in Tasmania fails to provide protection of our significant cultural landscapes and heritage sites.

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Kunanyi/Mount Wellington is a significant cultural landscape for our people.

We will fight to protect kunanyi from projects which would damage Aboriginal heritage and cultural connections, such as the proposed cable car.

A development application for a cable car submitted by the Mount Wellington Cableway Company was not approved by the Hobart City Council. This was based on 21 grounds of planning and management non-compliance. The Company appealed the decision at the Resource Management and planning Tribunal (now known as Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

In November 2022, the Tribunal ruled to uphold the decision by the Hobart City Council. However, we must keep watch on initiatives by the Tasmanian Government, that seek to push through such developments through a major projects legislation.

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