Hear Palawa voices give speeches in palawa kani.

Photo of Daisy Allen, an Aboriginal woman, standing in front of a microphone on a football field. Daisy is wearing a black top that says Aboriginal Heritage: worth protecting, worth respecting, in yellow writing, with a yellow fist raised underneath. She is also wearing a black, yellow and red knitted scarf around her neck. Daisy has brown hair in a ponytail.
Daisy Allan, AFLW Welcome to Country at Launceston on Kanamaluka/River Tamar, September 2022

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Pulingina, AFLW Welcome to Country, Launceston, September 2022

Daisy Allen welcomes the AFLW North Melbourne and Geelong players to Launceston.

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Pulingina MONA FOMA, Launceston, January 2020

Watch Daisy Allan give a powerful pulingina (welcome) in palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines at the opening of FOMA MONA, Launceston, January 2020.

TMAG Children’s Festival, Nipaluna, April 2018

Ada Marshall (aged seven) and Cooper Marshall (aged 11) pulingina for TMAG Children’s Festival in Nipaluna (Hobart), April 2018.

Takayna, on Country Exhibition, February 2018

The Wilderness Society held an Aboriginal Art Exhbition in Launceston on 1 February 2018, to raise funds for the protection of takayna.

This welcome, spoken in palawa kani by Daisy Allen, was given at the event.

Invasion Day, 2016

Hear Daisy Allen give a spirited speech in palawa kani to mark Invasion Day at Parliament Lawns in Nipaluna/Hobart, 26 January 2016.