Tipara waranta kani nina-tu / Cultural Competency Training

tipara waranta kani nina-tu is an initiative of the TAC to improve Cultural Safety for Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

A photo of a large mat that has a picture of Lutruwita/Tasmania printed on it, along with cultural artefacts, shells and palawa kani word cards.

This Aboriginal community controlled and delivered Cultural Competency Training program provides comprehensive knowledge of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, our history and continuing culture. It encourages understanding of Aboriginal rights and provides the context for the delivery of culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal people.

tipara waranta kani nina-tu is for anyone who employs, works alongside or engages with Aboriginal people and community. It is also for individuals and businesses whose products and services are directed towards or feature Tasmanian Aboriginal people, history or culture.

This training program is ran by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, the only statewide Aboriginal community controlled organisation providing a wide range of services and representing the political and community development aspirations of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people since the early 1970s.

Cultural Awareness Training

“Being able to have a safe space to ask questions I might have been otherwise too worried to ask was very beneficial.”

Participant feedback

Introduction to Aboriginal culture

Learn about historical, social, political and economic issues affecting Aboriginal people and factors that contribute to health and well being.

Cultural Safety Training

“I was encouraged to be brave and shift towards activism in the workplace. Feeling empowered to push leadership towards change.”

Participant feedback

Promote cultural respect in the workplace

Identify and develop strategies to model culturally safe practices in your workplace to improve services and products for Aboriginal people. You will need to have completed the Cultural Awareness Training prior to this course.

Nationally recognised training – CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety. RTO No:60105

Cultural Awareness Workshops

“The content was interesting and respectfully delivered. The training allowed me to empathise and understand the culture, beliefs, and history of Tasmanian Aboriginal people.”

Participant feedback

Continue to improve your knowledge of the values of the Palawa community.

Workshop content options:

  • Community today – community expectations around treaty and truth-telling
  • Palawa kani – learn about the revival of language of Tasmanian Aboriginal people
  • Heritage protection – Why heritage protection is important to protecting our cultural knowledge and stories.

Terms and conditions

TAC Rights and responsibilities

Due to circumstances beyond TAC’s control, speakers, venue and timings may vary. The TAC reserve’s the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule training programs due to low enrolments or unforeseen circumstances. Fees, dates and venues may also vary at the TAC’s discretion.

Should the TAC cannot meet their obligations in relation to the delivery of training, the client will be notified no less than three business days prior to the confirmed training date. An alternate time to deliver the training that both parties agree to will be arranged.

All copyright of any training manuals or other documentation (the Documents) provided by the TAC remains the sole property of the TAC. The documents are not to be reproduced or made directly or indirectly available to any person without the TAC’s written consent.

Collection of fees

The TAC will invoice all training bookings within 14 days after completion of the course.

The invoice is sent through to the representative that organised the training on the course booking form.

Cancellation, reschedule and non-attendance

Cancellation/reschedule/non-attendance are accepted in writing by email. Upon the notification by the client, the TAC will notify of any charge to be applied according to the following schedule:

  • More than three business days – NIL charge
  • Three business days or less – 25%
  • All non or part attendance – 100%

Upon request to reschedule after employer/client cancellation, the TAC will notify of any cancellation charge to be applied before new training booking charges are applied.

Privacy and confidentiality

The information you provide will remain private and confidential. Under current vocational and education funding reporting requirements, the Government may use this information for statistical purposes only.