milaythina nayri, January 2024

milaythina nayri, January 2024 Milaythina Nayri / Healthy CountryThis newsletter highlights the efforts and some of the achievements of our Pakana Rangers, who are restoring the health of Country. In this issue: Land Management Yula Monitoring Tayaritja Milaythina Muka IPA Download and read the newsletter. Land Management Update January 2024 Download Read more

Invasion Day 2024

Join us for our Invasion Day marches and rallies across Lutruwita in 2024 and support the campaign to Change the Date! Nipaluna / Hobart Street March11:15 am - Depart TAC (198 Elizabeth Street)Rally12:00 pm - at Parliament Lawns Limilinaturi / Devonport Street March11:30 am - Depart Tulaminikali Health Service (106 Best Street)Rally12:00 pm - in Market Square (behind Paranaple Centre) Read more


Our oceans to the north, east and south of Lutruwita are already at above average water temperatures and are in a global warming hotspot. ​ The marine heatwave forecast is severe and expected to persist throughout spring and summer. ​Check out the video below to see what the TAC is doing to tackle this issue and for some tips on how you can help. Read more

Land Rights Rally

Stand up for our land rights! Join us and find out why the government's proposed amendments to the Aboriginal Lands Act are reprehensible. 1 pmThursday, 14 September 2023Parliament Lawns, Nipaluna/Hobart Read more


The Tasmanian government is hell-bent on removing any power we have over our land and our identity. The Aboriginal Lands Act was passed in 1995, and the premier of the day, Ray Groom, returned 12 sites - equating to 3800 hectares - to the Aboriginal community. Ray Groom gave a powerful speech in Parliament about the purpose of the Aboriginal Lands Act. He championed for an Aboriginal Lands Act that: Has responsibility for its own board policy decisions.Is free to operate at arm's length ... Read more

Voting on the voice

"A vote for an advisory body is a vote to keep Aborigines down, to be advisers not decision-makers" Michael Mansell Michael Mansell's Talking Point, published in The Mercury, Friday, 18 August 2023. I am part of the Aboriginal progressive No group which opposes the referendum on the Voice because after all that has been done to Aboriginal people, and all that needs to be done, a piddly advisory body is not the answer. The Voice proposal has been the dominant political agenda for 16 ... Read more


Restoring language strengthens Indigenous pride and culture Language returned to ‘spoken life’ By Stephanie Dalton, The Examiner, Friday, 14 July 2023 Picture by Paul Scambler For the past 30 years, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre has worked deliberately and arduously to restore their language, palawa kani, to its spoken life. Palawa kani is a revived language, composite of several of the estimated dozen original Tasmanian languages that were once prolific throughout the state, a consequence of the devastating impacts of invasion in colonisation on Tasmanian Aboriginal culture. Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre language and research ... Read more

Aboriginal Lands Act 2023

The State Government has again asked for feedback on the Aboriginal Lands Act. We must all act now to make sure the Aboriginal Community decides how the returned land is governed and managed. The Government is encouraging further feedback on revised proposals, which would remove the current safeguards in place regarding the electoral roll and how land is managed. The review of the previous consultation seems to bias certain submissions, who feel that the current process excludes ‘local’ Aboriginal people and organisations. The ... Read more

Cable Car Crusade

Nepotism and farce alive and well in Rockliff’s cable car crusade Despite a comprehensive, independent rejection of the kunanyi cable car proponent’s self-declared ‘best effort’, a new Mount Wellington Cableway Company chair has been appointed to pursue the project once Premier Rockliff decides how to sideline proper process and fast-track an approval for the detested, non-compliant development. The new chair of the company has been, until very recently, ‘Principal Advisor’ in Premier Rockliff’s office, presumably involved in delivering the Premier’s requested advice on ‘developing a pathway ... Read more

Talking Point, Mercury, 080223

Aboriginal empowerment won't come from a Voice to parliament, but through authority By Michael Mansell Published in The Mercury, Talking Point, pages 16 - 17 The Greens have good reason to consider if the Voice might undermine or block Aboriginal sovereignty. In the context of empowerment, sovereignty means Aboriginal people decide Aboriginal policy. Sure, those decisions have to take account of modern white Australia’s existence, but the fundamental point remains that we, as a sovereign people, decide, not others. By contrast, by merely advising ... Read more
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