We have been funded by the Australian Government to create a Tayaritja/Bass Strait Islands Sea Country Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

An aerial photo taken from a small plane looking over tayaritja/Bass Strait Islands. In the foreground is the turquoise waters and reefs of sea country with an island in the background rising up into the clouds.
Tayaritja Sea Country

The proposed Sea Country IPA area surrounds Tayaritja/Bass Strait Islands and the northeast waters of Lutruwita/Tasmania.

We are doing this as a Sea Country IPA aims to support the Palawa Community to connect with milaythina muka / Sea Country, and partner with others to understand, protect and manage milaythina muka.

Other Sea Country IPAs have been established in Australia, but this is the first project in Lutruwita.

Tayaritja Community Consultation

Sea Country rangers were appointed to consult with the Palawa community, landowners, local and state governments, and other interested parties to create a management plan for the Sea Country IPA.

Community consultations have been ongoing to create a community vision, identify important values and key threats and develop a plan for how Sea Country can be managed.

Tayaritja Sea Country Team

The Tayaritja Sea Country Team brings a wealth of experience in marine management as well as a wealth of knowledge of tayaritja.

  • Zoe Cozens, Sea Country IPA Coordinator
  • Fiona Maher, Sea Country Ranger
  • Mathew Wheatley, Sea Country Ranger
  • Alice Wise, Sea Country Ranger


What are Indigenous Protected Areas?

Indigenous Protected Areas support Aboriginal communities across Australia to protect natural and cultural values. Working in partnership with others, these areas enable Aboriginal-led conservation, protection and management plans to be created for marine and coastal areas.

They support:

  • On-going community-led management, in accordance with a Healthy Country Plan, 
  • Ranger groups who can deliver on-water and coastal zone monitoring and management, 
  • Communication and knowledge sharing between interested parties. 
  • Partnerships between Aboriginal community-controlled organisations with scientists, governments and other interested parties which can support the conservation, protect and management of marine and coastal resources and cultural values.

How will it be funded?

The Federal Government, through the Sea Country IPA Program has provided funding to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to:

  • Consult the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community on the proposed IPA.
  • Develop a management plan for the proposed IPA.
  • Establish a Sea Country Ranger group.
  • Purchase assets to support Sea Country management.