All Aboriginal Health Service clients can get a free health check at your local service.

These health checks help to find out if you are at risk of illnesses or chronic conditions. It’s much easier to prevent illnesses instead of treating them, so catching them early can make a big difference. 

If you have a chronic condition, your health check can help make sure you are getting the right treatment and care you need. 

Make sure you ask your doctor about anything you’re worried about or need help with during your health check. 

What happens during the health check?

The health check can take up to an hour, and you might also see an Aboriginal Health Worker, nurse or another health practitioner during the appointment. 

Your check will depend on your age and circumstance. Your health professional might: 

  • Check your blood pressure 
  • Check blood sugar levels 
  • Measure your height and weight 
  • Do a blood test 
  • Do a urine test 
  • Ask about the health of your family 
  • Talk to you about your health priorities and what’s important for you 
  • Do other tests if needed, but they will explain 

It’s your check so tell your health worker about any worries or concerns you have.