Voting on the voice

"A vote for an advisory body is a vote to keep Aborigines down, to be advisers not decision-makers" Michael Mansell Michael Mansell's Talking Point, published in The Mercury, Friday, 18 August 2023. I am part of the Aboriginal progressive No group which opposes the referendum on the Voice because after all that has been done to Aboriginal people, and all that needs to be done, a piddly advisory body is not the answer. The Voice proposal has been the dominant political agenda for 16 ... Read more

Talking Point, Mercury, 080223

Aboriginal empowerment won't come from a Voice to parliament, but through authority By Michael Mansell Published in The Mercury, Talking Point, pages 16 - 17 The Greens have good reason to consider if the Voice might undermine or block Aboriginal sovereignty. In the context of empowerment, sovereignty means Aboriginal people decide Aboriginal policy. Sure, those decisions have to take account of modern white Australia’s existence, but the fundamental point remains that we, as a sovereign people, decide, not others. By contrast, by merely advising ... Read more

Voice, Treaty, Truth

Opinion pieces by Michael Mansell, Heather Sculthorpe and Maggie Walter on Voice, Treaty and Truth, published in The Mercury on Saturday, 21 January 2023. Image of the opinion pages, The Mercury, Saturday, 21 January 2023 Symbolism, Assimilation Had Their Day By Michael Mansell NO to a referendum, yes to a treaty, is a vote for Aboriginal people. The Albanese government has surprised many with its reforms. While the PM is in this frame of mind, we need to convince him that the best way to help build an Aboriginal future is to ... Read more

To kill a Treaty

To Kill a Treaty By Michael Mansell With the Prime Minister and each of the State and Territory governments backing a referendum for a ‘voice to parliament,’ along with media, any dissent is unlikely to be heard. But has anyone considered what cost Aborigines will have to pay for a referendum? The Uluru Statement has four elements – of which the voice idea is but one. Treaty, truth-telling and a voice were all based on the assertion of Aboriginal sovereignty (the fourth element). Mr Albanese has repeatedly said that Uluru ... Read more

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A Treaty with the Aboriginal People of Tasmania – Aboriginal Community Meeting

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Michael Mansell’s Interview with Ryk Goddard (ABC) – See a pathway to genuine Aboriginal self -determination: Read more

Fullers Bookshop – Michael Mansell – Treaty and Statehood in conservation with Bob Brown, Friday 12th January 2018 at 5.30pm

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No need for referendum at all – just legislate national body and treaty – Mansell

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